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This is how you can help improve the Spartabots Wiki:

1. Get access

  1. Sign up for a GitHub account at github.com if you don’t have one already.
    • If your username doesn’t contain your name, then put your real name in your profile so that other robotics members can identify you more easily.
  2. If you are a member of Skyline Robotics, request to join the Spartabots organization on GitHub. We will accept your request pretty quickly and give you access to this repository.
  3. If you are not a member of Skyline Robotics, fork this wiki’s repository and submit a pull request with any changes.

2. Learn Markdown

This wiki uses Kramdown, a superset of Markdown syntax, for formatting. It’s mostly similar to Github Flavored Markdown, with a few differences, but knowing Markdown should be enough.

In addition, there are a few specific formatting features on this wiki:

Style Syntax Example Output
Green text (good) <span class="good">...</span> <span class="good">indents > spaces</span> indents > spaces
Strikethrough red text (bad) <span class="bad">...</span> <span class="bad">spaces > indents</span> spaces > indents
Bolded and underlined red text (safety) <span class="safety">...</span> <span class="safety">Safety</span> Safety
Flashing rainbow text (important) <span class="important">...</span> <span class="important">IMPORTANT</span> IMPORTANT

3. Make a change

Our file structure of Markdown files (end in .md) looks like this, not including the index.md files:

│   ├───design.md
│   ├───electronics.md
│   ├───parts.md
│   └───tools.md
│   ├───connectivity
│   │   ├───configuring-the-radio.md
│   │   ├───imaging-the-roborio.md
│   │   ├───connecting-to-the-roborio.md
│   │   └───configuring-cantalon.md
│   ├───installation.md
│   ├───organization.md
│   └───java.md
├───contributing.md   # this page
└───README.md         # the home page

You can edit any of these files, but please ask before creating a new page.

4. Review your change

Before committing, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there any grammar errors or spelling mistakes?
  2. Are there enough pictures or screenshots to explain?
    • Pictures and diagrams for hardware
    • Screenshots and wiring diagrams for software
  3. Is the page formatted nicely?
    • Bolded key phrases
    • Information in paragraphs
    • Easy-to-scan lists

5. Commit/Push

Make sure your commit message follows these guidelines:

  1. Short (recommended: less than 50 characters)
  2. Written in sentence case (starts with a capital letter)
    • Good: Add information about wheels
    • Bad: Add Information About Wheels
  3. Written in the imperative (like a command), not the past tense
    • Good: Fix installation of NavX page
    • Bad: Fixed installation page