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What to install

To develop and deploy Java code for FRC robots, you need:

Note: In order to deploy code to the robot, you must use FRC’s Driver Station software, which only runs on Windows computers. You can still write code on Eclipse on Mac OSX and Linux and pull/push to GitHub.

Note: There is another IDE (IntelliJ) that you can use for FRC: Installing IntelliJ IDEA with WPILib (external link)

Eclipse, JDK, and WPILib plugins

Official instructions


FRC Update Suite

Official instructions


CTRE plugins

Installer link

Download “CTRE Phoenix Framework Installer (.zip)” and extract the folder. Run the installer and follow the directions given by the installation wizard.

In the “Select components to install” section, you don’t need to check the “LabVIEW” or “HERO C#” components because our club doesn’t use them.


The navX-MXP is a gyroscope/accelerometer/compass that we attach to our roboRIO for direction. KauaiLab’s tutorial.

Note: Skyline High School’s Wi-Fi network sometimes blocks this website because of file-sharing content, so you may need to download the navX libraries at home.

Git clients

There are many Git clients that work perfectly well. It’s important that you choose one that you understand how to use. These are some of the Git programs that our team members use:

Here is a more complete list of Git clients.